Seagroatt Riccardi Announcements

December 19, 2018

It’s time to wish one of our faves here at Seagroatt Riccardi a Happy Retirement! At the end of the month, Seagroatt Riccardi will say good-bye to Michael Francolini. Mike has been a steady and constant fixture here for over 20 years. Professionally,he has nurtured us all through “holiday greens time” and has made us smile with his can-do attitude and his dedication to daily naps under the tree out front! But Mike doesn’t just sell flowers, he can be depended on to craft a way to do almost any project ever needed. A connoisseur of YouTube, he can figure out a way to fix a sink, weld the ladders here, wire a new outlet, put a new bathroom in his daughter’s home, and possibly even fix a dent on your car! But now the time has come to send him off to enjoy a permanent vacation. He will head to Florida to see the NASCAR races, watch his grandsons play hockey, headto Mexico for lazing in the sun and will be all about his neighborhood looking for Marmalade (his bon vivant cat). It’s hard to say good-bye to such a joyful presence, but we’re pretty sure he’ll be back…. even if it is only to bring us donuts on his way to Home Depot.  He has been a steady and loyal colleague for a very long time and we will surely miss him here.

December 21, 2018 

Things we will miss about Mike...

Kiana – The way he says“KIANA!!!”  J

Kelley – Whistling Christmas songs.

Margaret – His helpful household hints, his confidence in YouTube Videos and  “Hola Marguerita”

Dan – Pen clicking!!!

Mary – Running like a little kid.

Ian – Letting HIM deal with Christmas greens.

Jessica – Always positive!

Gerry – He’s just a real good guy.

Cindy G. Your friendship J and smile.

Amanda L. – Armellini ETA…

Carl – Selling 1 piece out of a case number.

V. Jones – Calling him“Tortellini”.

Casey – Cancellations!

Saw – The way he pages.

Anonymous - Welding projects on the dock.

Sue – “Can you work with this dead cedar?”

Cindy P. - He is the only one who wanted to hear about home improvement projects.

Anonymous – Eagle videos and random You Tube videos being played way too loud.

Veronica G. – His smile and happy demeanor.

Greg – Comparing bicycle stories.

Shawn – The way he excitedly told me about a car-related show he saw over the weekend.

Ken – All the discussions about social security, Medicare and retirement!

Amanda E. – Hockey talk,home improvement, vacation destination wishing, lawn care suggestions, work out talk.

Kelley P. - How much we love Sandy at Rose Petals.

Beth – Parking close to my car J

Anonymous – His vest collection.

Debbie – “Remember When” talks together i.e. Muddies.

Ed – His extreme even temper personality and congenial nature.

Justin – Sticking to the 10AM Local deadline. 10 means 10 – not 10:15, 10:20, 10:30. But who’s watching the clock anyway?